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Chlo Subia Dismisses a Bad Friend in '5 Minutes' - Listen Now! (Exclusive Premiere)

Chlo Subia doesn’t want to hear your apologies on her new single “5 Minutes,” which is premiering exclusively on today (October 20)!

The 16-year-old rising LA-based breakout pop act wrote the new track with Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B., Melanie Martinez) in New York City.

“I think the first assumption is that it is written about a boy, or even a breakup but it’s actually not. It’s a song about a best friend that ended up being an awful friend and pretty much turned on me and moved on, which made me learn so much about friendships, trust and loyalty,” Chlo says of the catchy kiss-off track.

“At my age friend breakups can be as common as romantic breakups. I am a big believer in loyal friends, and I don’t need tons I just need a few that get me and support me. I wrote the initial song with Kinetics & One Love in their studio in NYC. They were great. Instantly felt so comfortable with dat good vibe. We finished the track recently with a producer named Tushar who added influences and vibe in his Hollywood studio. He added an amazing element to the project.”

Listen to “5 Minutes” below!

The Gifted's Sean Teale Shares 10 Fun Facts You Don't Know About Him!

Sean Teale is the hot young star of the new Fox series The Gifted and he’s opening up to to help fans get to know him better!

The 25-year-old actor plays the role of Marcos Diaz/Eclipse in the show that takes place in Marvel’s X-Men universe. Sean previously starred in the Syfy series Incorporated and The CW series Reign.

Here are 10 Fun Facts that he shared with us:

  • 1. One of the most satisfying sounds is the opening of a Coke can.
  • 2. I once had a hamster called Jimmy. He met his end in the washing machine.
  • 3. I’m allergic to broccoli and cucumber. Genuinely.
  • 4. I’ve never been inside a yellow school bus. I’m not upset about it.
  • 5. If I could choose any super power, I would have the power of teleportation to make traveling less of a pain.

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sean teale 10 fun facts 01
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Charlotte McKinney Turns Into a Biker Babe for Local Authority Campaign! (Exclusive)

Charlotte McKinney looks super sexy as a biker babe in the new campaign for Local Authority Los Angeles, which is debuting exclusively on

The 24-year-old model and actress stars in the campaign, along with a film directed by Mo Satarzadeh, with “Reckless” Billy Anderson.

“I was very excited to be a part of this shoot,” Charlotte told us about working with the brand. “I know the designers from Malibu and wear the brand all the time. We had talked about doing something together for a while. I think the images came out fantastic. It’s great to feel sexy and empowered in the clothes you wear.”

Watch the campaign video below!

Charlotte McKinney – Local Authority Los Angeles
charlotte mckinney turns into a biker babe for local authority campaign 01
charlotte mckinney turns into a biker babe for local authority campaign 02
charlotte mckinney turns into a biker babe for local authority campaign 03
charlotte mckinney turns into a biker babe for local authority campaign 04
charlotte mckinney turns into a biker babe for local authority campaign 05

'Hamilton' Star Mandy Gonzalez Releases 'Starts Right Now' - Exclusive Premiere!

Broadway star Mandy Gonzalez, who is currently starring as Angelica Schuyler in the smash-hit musical Hamilton, is releasing her debut EP Fearless on October 20 and we have an exclusive sneak peek at one of her amazing new songs!

The song is titled “Starts Right Now,” and it is one of seven songs on her first EP.

“‘Starts Right Now’ sits close to my heart. When you are in this business, or in any part of life, this song should be very close to you… always. The song speaks to the good days and bad, the ups and downs. We can either choose to hold onto old baggage or truly follow the tenet of ‘Carpe Diem.’ So much is right in front of us but yet our vision can become cloudy from previous experiences. We need to let things go and Start Right Now. Bill Sherman and Zack Berkman wrote this extraordinary song that is a testament to the power we all have to Start Right Now,” Mandy told Just Jared about the new song.

Be sure to pre-order Mandy‘s debut EP!

mandy gonzalez fearless ep song 01
mandy gonzalez fearless ep song 02
mandy gonzalez fearless ep song 03
mandy gonzalez fearless ep song 04
mandy gonzalez fearless ep song 05

The Foreigner's Rory Fleck-Byrne Shares 10 Fun Facts to Know About Him!

Rory Fleck-Byrne will be seen in the upcoming movie The Foreigner and he’s opening up to about some cool things you probably don’t know about him!

The Irish actor has previously appeared in films like Vampire Academy and The Quiet Ones and a project he just wrapped, which will be released next year, is Vita & Virginia starring Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki, and Isabella Rossellini.

Make sure to see Rory facing off with Jackie Chan in The Foreigner, in theaters now.

Here are the 10 Fun Facts that Rory shared:

  • 1. Before fighting Jackie I had no previous martial arts/boxing training. It was incredible to get to train up for that. And to survive the master! Apparently he said he finally found his match in me…(which I find hard to believe but take as a massive compliment. He’s a generous man)
  • 2. My preferred motor has recently changed from an Audi TT to a Jeep Wrangler. I love the idea of throwing stuff into it and just taking off into the mountains or the beech with some friends…
  • 3. I’m an avid traveler and explorer. Recently developed a huge crush and obsession with New Zealand when I went there. I would love to shoot a movie in that incredible landscape…Peter Jackson? James Cameron?…I’m available…
  • 4. If I wasn’t an actor I would wanna be the frontman of a band. Singing is most probably my number one love.
  • 5. I have a thing for tuna fish. Sushi. Sashimi. You name it. If it’s from the ocean. It’s got my name on it.

Click inside to read five more fun facts…

  • 6. I’ve just come off a great movie called Vita & Virginia and got to act opposite Isabella Rossellini, Elizabeth Debicki and Gemma Arterton. It’s set in the 1920′s and a beautiful story about these great women.
  • 7. When I was a kid I would fight with my neighbor over how much we knew about Harry Potter. I’m a Hufflepuff (but inside I actually think I’m a Slytherin).
  • 8. I used to be quite afraid of great white sharks. Until I went face to face with these majestic creatures in South Africa. Movies like Jaws really have morphed our perception of these animals. They’re quite serene really. Did you know that humans pull WAY more sharks out of the ocean and de-fin them than the number of humans attacked by sharks per year. Ponder that.
  • 9. My first acting job was opposite Kim Cattrall in a play put on in her hometown of Liverpool.
  • 10. I love to dance… I like to think I’m good at it. But, aside from clubbing, I haven’t had a chance to showcase it. Yet.

Go see The Foreigner, in theaters now!

rory fleck byrne five things to know 01
rory fleck byrne five things to know 02
rory fleck byrne five things to know 03

'Goodbye Christopher Robin' Stills Give A Glimpse Into A.A. Milne's World (Exclusive)

Check out these exclusive new photos from the upcoming film Goodbye Christopher Robin.

The new movie gives a rare glimpse into the relationship between beloved children’s author A. A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his son Christopher Robin (Will Tilston), whose toys inspired the magical world of Winnie-the-Pooh. Along with his mother Daphne (Margot Robbie), and his nanny Olive (Kelly Macdonald), Christopher Robin and his family are swept up in the international success of the books; the enchanting tales bringing hope and comfort to England after the First World War. But with the eyes of the world on Christopher Robin, what will the cost be to the family?

If you missed it, the cast premiered the film in New York City last night!

Goodbye Christopher Robin, directed by Simon Curtis, opens in theaters tomorrow – be sure to check it out!

goodbye christopher robin exclusive stills 01
goodbye christopher robin exclusive stills 02
goodbye christopher robin exclusive stills 03
goodbye christopher robin exclusive stills 04
goodbye christopher robin exclusive stills 05

Meet 'Happy Death Day' Actress Ruby Modine with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Ruby Modine is starring in the upcoming horror movie Happy Death Day and she’s opening up about herself in a new 10 Fun Facts feature!

The 27-year-old actress is the daughter of actor Matthew Modine and she is best known for her work on the Showtime series Shameless.

Here is what Ruby shared with us:

  • 1. The sexy one eyed wink? Can’t do it. I blink both eyes every time.
  • 2. Photography and writing has been a passion of mine for years.
  • 3. Painting and Pizza Hut are one of my favorite pastimes.
  • 4. I’ve always liked video games! We’re playing Mortal Combat X right now. Left for Dead is next.
  • 5. I have five new songs written on my phone.

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ruby modine 10 fun facts 01.
ruby modine 10 fun facts 02
ruby modine 10 fun facts 03.
ruby modine 10 fun facts 04
ruby modine 10 fun facts 05.