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Meet 'Woodshock' Directors Kate & Laura Mulleavy with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

You might know Kate and Laura Mulleavy from their fashion line Rodarte, but now they’re getting into the film world as the directors of the new movie Woodshock!

Kirsten Dunst, a longtime friend and muse of the Mulleavy sisters, stars in the film, out in select theaters now. We caught up with Kate and Laura to learn 10 Fun Facts about them that fans might not know:

  • 1. Our father is a mycologist.
  • 2. We both went to UC Berkeley and studied art history (Kate) and English Lit (Laura).
  • 3. We grew up in Aptos, Ca- and spent our free time at Capitola beach, on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, or in the redwoods.
  • 4. Rodarte is our mother’s maiden name.
  • 5. We met Kirsten as she was the first actress to wear our clothing. She wore three dresses on the Spider-Man 2 world tour. We sent each other packages and we still have the sketch she made for us.

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'Dancing With The Stars' Season 25: New Pro Alan Bersten To Blog For JustJared! is so excited to announce that Alan Bersten will be blogging for us this season for Dancing With the Stars!

The new pro dancer opened up to us about working with partner Debbie Gibson and just what we can expect from the team.

“If there was one word to describe our partnership, it would be joy!” Alan told us. “We both have so much fun when we are together. I am very nurturing and supportive when I teach, but I can also be very strict, especially when we have a deadline.

He adds, “You can expect to see beautiful, inspirational, and exciting dances from Debbie and me on this season of Dancing With the Stars. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on.”

Check out 10 Fun Facts about Alan below!

  • I have to be listening to the “Sleep” playlist on Spotify to fall asleep.
  • I think I dance when I sleep, because I wake up in weird positions with the covers completely off the bed.
  • I recently started golfing, and I’m not that bad… (if you consider only losing a few balls per game not that bad!)
  • I could honestly eat breakfast for every meal! My favorite meal is eggs and turkey bacon.
  • I am partnered with Debbie Gibson on season 25 of Dancing With the Stars — my first season as a pro!

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Get to Know Outlander's Richard Rankin with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Outlander is quickly becoming one of the most popular shows on television and we caught up with one of the show’s stars, Richard Rankin, to get to know more about him!

The 34-year-old Scottish actor plays the role of Roger Wakefield on the hit Starz series. Here are the 10 Fun Facts he shared with us:

  • 1. I had to change my name from Richard Harris to Richard Rankin to prevent confusion with the legendary older actor
  • 2. On restless nights, I can often be found half off/half on the bed
  • 3. I recently met Channing Tatum in LA and the first words out of his mouth were “I’m a fan.” Blew my mind!
  • 4. My longest ever gaming session was about 23 hours on Championship Manger 3. Most time played on any game is World of Warcraft with about 241 days (and that’s only my main). My favorite game is probably Fallout 3 and I’ve just realized that none these statistics seem to correspond…
  • 5. Favorite aftershave is Tom Ford. Usually Oud Wood.

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Get to Know R5's Ellington Ratliff with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Ellington Ratliff is the drummer for the band R5 and we sat down with him to learn some fun facts you might know about his life!

The 24-year-old musician has been a member of the band since 2009 and he is dating keyboard player Rydel Lynch.

Here are the 10 Fun Facts about Ellington:

  • 1. I was named after the Famous Jazz musician Duke Ellington.
  • 2. I play drums in the band R5.
  • 3. When I was thirteen I did the workshop and LA company of 13 a musical by Jason Robert Brown (famous composer in the theater world) and later Ariana Grande did the same show on Broadway.
  • 4. The biggest show I/R5 ever played was in front of 8,000 people in Argentina. It was insane. Ross (lead singer) fell into the crowd on the first song.
  • 5. I’m writing this list from Mexico and soon we’ll be coming to Europe and South America so come to a show if you’re around!

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Get to Know Younger's Molly Bernard with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Molly Bernard is always one of the comedic highlights of the TV Land series Younger each week and now she’s giving us more insight into her life with these 10 Fun Facts!

Here is what the 29-year-old actress had to share with us:

  • 1. I wear a night guard at night and I don’t sleep without it. It keeps me from grinding my teeth and the case says in large, very aggressive letters “NIGHT GUARD”. I like to think he’s a guard who protects me as I sleep.
  • 2. Speaking of sleep. My dog/life partner/husband/son/best friend, Henry, sleeps in my womb at night. Literally curled into my belly from dusk til dawn. I LOVE IT. (See a photo in the gallery!)
  • 3. When I was really young, like 7-10 young, I was OBSESSED with Boy George and Culture Club. At the height of my love for him, one summer I asked to go by “Boy George” at day camp. This was also the summer I was the UNO and poker queen. Watch out!
  • 4. BEACH! I love sand. I will actually stop listening to even my nearest and dearest on the beach and begin to rub and cover my entire body with sand and roll in it and act like nothing weird is happening. Then I’ll say at odd intervals, “I love sand.” “I just love it”.
  • 5. I lived in Russia. I studied at the Moscow Art Theater my junior year of college and I loved it. I was in college and nuts, so I love-hated it, but I really had an incredible time. I voted for, and watched Obama win, saw three dead people, was attacked by a band of gypsies and saw theater every night I was there. I can’t wait to go back. And I am not being sarcastic.

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Meet 'Annabelle: Creation' Star Talitha Bateman with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Talitha Bateman is the young star of the new horror movie Annabelle: Creation and we caught up with her to learn more about her!

The 15-year-old actress plays the role of Janice, a young orphan who gets possessed by the soul living in the doll Annabelle. Read her 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. If I wasn’t acting I would probably want to be a photographer. I have a Polaroid camera, which I take everywhere with me, snapping photos throughout the day. My favorite pictures that I take, I put up on my bedroom wall.
  • 2. I like to collect trinkets. I usually look for one when I’m having a good day, so I can have something that will remind me of that time. Sometimes I’ll just find a piece of metal that looks cool and add that to my collection.
  • 3. I need the cold air of a fan blowing on my face, or else I won’t be able to fall asleep. So when I travel for my career, I take a mini portable fan with me so I can sleep.
  • 4. If black was a color it would be my favorite, but since it isn’t, my favorite color is dark purple, like a chaotic purple.
  • 5. My favorite fruits are, mangos, watermelon, blueberries and green grapes. Not in that order.

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Meet 'Detroit' Actor Malcolm David Kelley with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Malcolm David Kelley is starring in the ensemble cast of the new Kathryn Bigelow movie Detroit and we met up with him to learn some things you might not know about him!

The 25-year-old actor is best known for playing Walt Lloyd on the hit series Lost and he’s also one half of the pop duo MKTO.

Here is what Malcolm shared with us:

  • 1. The first movie I did was directed by Denzel Washington.
  • 2. I wrote my first song at age 15 on Garage Band and recorded it myself.
  • 3. My perfect meal is my mom’s enchiladas or almost anything from Maestros Steak House.
  • 4. When I travel the three things I need are my headphones, my mobile studio, and my hats.
  • 5. My hobbies are playing basketball, hanging with my friends and making music. I love it dearly. Keep an eye out…

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